July 4, 2011

Levish - Funky Thoughts (2011)

Levish - Funky Thoughts by levent.feizi


Levent Feizi aka Levish is a Romanian dj and music producer based in Berlin. His musical background starts around 1984 - 1985 when, as he likes to tell, he got acquainted with his parents' numerous collection of audio tapes. Highschool radio station dj during mid 90's, some guitar playing, a bit piano, Ray Cokes, Beavis & Butthead, Rage Against The Machine, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Depeche Mode or The Chemical Brothers. After this, fast speed internet connections became available and opened his way to jazz, world music or the non-mainstream area of electronic music and hiphop. He got his hands on digital players and mixers by accident and only in 2007, after producing some triphop beats around year 2000, during his time spent in Bucharest. His major chance was The Fish Bar & Art Gallery from Constanta, his hometown, where he managed to share his favorite tunes in an ideal context: painting and photo exhibitions, art movie projections and literary debates.
Since his mixes approach the most various styles and genres, Levish considers himself an appropriate dj for the late night radio shows. However, in Constanta, Brasov and Bucharest he shared the desk with Tom Wilson, Emap, Fresh The Funkster, Zakaos, Charlie Dundeen, Fanas or Gemini Bros. The open air parties seem to be highly preferred by Levish, because he didn't hesitate to play some progressive psychedelic world music tunes in the spectacular region of Gurile Dobrogei or in the fascinating abandoned Hotel d'Angleterre from Constanta where funk music was an option and also in Embassy Club (Bucharest), where he mixed for more than 6 hours during a fashion and handmade event named My Grandma's Backyard 8. The multicultural Watumi Festival & Fringe from Brasov was special for Levish. Along with Zakaos, he opened live acts for Suie Paparude, Blazzaj, Bucharest AV, The Pixels, Aria Urbana or The Amsterdams in an alternative club/dance neo-electro left-field jazz-house manner. During the Plai World Music Festival after-party which was held in Control Club in Bucharest he mixed drum n bass, jungle and progressive tunes, using traditional sounds from all over the world. Starting 2009, Levish was a resident dj at Ramayana Cafe and for more than 50 weekly shows he illustrated the musical scene of Bucharest in an educative and eclectic fashion.
Levish is currently working on projects involving production.


Release date: Jul 4, 2011

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