October 20, 2011


Long, long, long is the road,
Look into the distance
The white swan sees hope…

She’s traveled a lot
As I sat by her side
Both staring the horizon
Fuck this never ending flight!

Now I am kneeling
And I worship The Wall
The swan holds the candle
The flame hopes for hope…

Four seasons have passed
And grey are all things
I look at my swan
She’s trading her wings.

She is scared and she is mad
And struggling is far from her expected sublime
She’s crying and trying
To get back in time.

Rivers of salt and too many dead fish
And salt on my face may never vanish
Her present is well out of hand
And so is her future, unless she sees
What she is, where she stands.

Who’s clapping her wings?
It’s me and I play
And I smile and I fuck
And I rock…
I’m being indulged
By so many good things…

The Biggest Two Eyes, they came from far,
They entered my space, put soul food in cans,
I don’t have my spoon
The swan wing will do,
And now I prepare
The meals of frustrations
And joy,
I both eat.

The swan has her thoughts and her thoughts do travel
Like accurate arrows splitting an apple.
“A forbidden apple” – The Two Eyes pretend…
And both eyes are right since my sadness does end.

Put all past behind me
But I’m not forgetting,
The rest of her body
May not join its dead wings.

New wings may grow,
Or deep roots instead,
The swan will stay white
For people who care.

But she doesn’t care
So I see her crying
All hope is gone
Because she is not trying.

My eyes aren’t big,
My heart may be though…
The Two Eyes do love me,
I’m not in control.

Now we must help them
To see the big picture.
All good things will happen
On this beautiful venture.

The Wall now will open
A small hole I see…
I damage my organs
Attempting to fit.

I worshiped The Wall
And prayed for thy neighbor
Let’s listen to music
This way I’ll feel better.

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